Photo by  Daiga Ellaby  on  Unsplash

These days I feel like Spring—our Spring—the one that starts and stops, teasing and laughing with we who long for warmth and sunshine. This, for me, feels like FRUSTRATION. Have you ever wanted something so badly, put all of your focus and discipline to achieving the goal only to have to start and stop over and over again?

I felt like that today when I realized that my determination to write a blog met with a part of me that dug in her heels and simply refused. After a couple of hours of “What is your problem?!”, I decided to make tomato fennel soup and I can smell it as I am writing.

So I guess the moral of the story is “When resistance blocks flow and frustration settles in, change gears.” Do something you love and suddenly, there’s an open road to Spring once again.

I am very proud to announce that Brain-Body Health Technology Institute LLC is officially a Not-for-Profit. The road to reaching the dream has opened once again. Now, on to the next “To do List.” I will keep you posted! Thanks so much for the support. It means so much to me.

Be well.