This is the one true thing that describes all of the opportunities that the Brain-Body Health Technology Institution (BBHT) provides—support, support, support. I want you to know why I am building BBHT on a foundation of support and what each technology provides the brain-body system in the way of support, but first the “Why”.

It is Thanksgiving week and as I write to you for the first time, I want to share a story from my own life that illustrates the power of support.

Many who are reading this will relate when I say, “I was an anxious child”. I now understand the root of my anxiety, but all I remember is the feeling of crippling paralysis and pounding heart, biting nails, and pulling eyelashes and eyebrows. I have come to believe that most people feel some level of anxiety, from occasional to chronic, from mild to excruciating. This reality has kept people from liking themselves and knowing their value, experiencing joy, and building solid satisfying relationships; but, life comes with built-in support from unlikely places.

When I was in grammar school, we were required to write book reports and read them aloud at the front of the class. I can still remember standing there, hands shaking paper uncontrollably, shaking so hard I could not read what I had written. The sense of shame and humiliation was overwhelming; yet, I continued. My 7th grade English teacher and the Principal of my school, took note and took action. They insisted that I enter the Richmond Speaking Contest, a city-wide public speaking contest designed to support potential. I memorized, they listened and coached. Each day, I stood on the stage of the gymnasium/auditorium and recited the story to the two women standing in the rear who were committed to me.

My voice grew stronger, clearer, and more confident even though I was filled with anxiety from word to word. I represented my school at both the regional and city-wide speaking contest. I had a memory slip at the finals, but I recovered and was the runner-up champion. The winner of the contest became one of my dearest friends. My heart is filled with gratitude when I think of the two women who believed in me.

If we are to succeed in life, support from a variety of sources is essential. The world of health technology provides the extraordinary brain-body system the support it needs to release stuck patterns, like anxiety, so that balance (homeostasis) can be re-instated. I have continued to find ways to support myself in my lifelong relationship with anxiety. The knowledge I have gained, the experiences I have had, and my commitment to the people I serve, have become the foundation of Brain-Body Health Technology Institute.

Til next time, be well and support, support support.