Over 5 million people 12 and over in the United States are addicted to one or more substances or behaviors. Neurofeedback, a non-pharmaceutical, safe, gentle and effective treatment for addiction is available at The Brain-Body Health Technology Institute, LLC.

Addictive substances light up the pleasure center of the brain and become hardwired because dopamine, the “feel good” neurotransmitter, increases when the addictive substance and/or experience is present. The pleasurable associations of an addiction become hardwired into the synapses with the addition of glutamate, a protein. 

Whether you are addicted to alcohol, drugs of any kind, gambling, sex, pornography, shopping, perfectionism, social media, or food, your brain’s response and patterns of behavior are similar. 

As one of your partner’s in recovery, BBHT can provide Neurofeedback, the necessary support for your brain. Once the brain is responding in a supportive way, you are better able to maintain your decision to live a life free of addiction. Thinking becomes clearer, confidence increases, and better choices become the only choices.